Girls Helping Girls

Peer Relations Training for Girls with a Special Focus on "Girl Bullying"

The Boys Program

        The BEAU Program
  (Boys Emotional Awareness and Understanding)

Similar to Girls Helping Girls the BEAU program is appropriate for boys in grades 5-8 and the program runs for 8 weeks (40 minutes a session). There are 8 modules with objective relating to social and emotional development and character building.

   * Module 1: Empathy, Caring and Compassion ->

Boys will learn: to identify the feelings of others, build the skill to see things from others persepectives, acquire compassion as a core value, and to use empathy and compassion for moral decision-making.

   * Module 2: Boys Helping Girls ->

Boys will learn: how maturational differences of girls are both an advantage and a disadvantage, what girls do that is mean to each other, how boys can help girls, and how boys can become good men for the girls they know. 

   * Module 3: Getting Along With Others ->

Boys will learn: the benefits of getting along with others, to reflect on the outcomes of their own behaviors, the behaviors and skills that foster getting along with others, and the differences between getting along with other boys and getting along with girls.

   * Module 4: Doing Your Best ->

Boys will learn: the benefits of goal setting, how to plan and implement ways to reach goals, to respect their work and accomplishments, and to recognize personal strengths.

   * Module 5: Responsibility ->

Boys will learn: the importance of following through on commitments, to take ownership for their own actions, skills for being reliable, trustworthy, and timely, and how to think things through and use good judgement.

   * Module 6: Respect ->

Boys will learn to respect themselves and others by: understanding and tolerating differences, being comfortable expressing their emotions, having self-control and restraint, valuing females as equals while recognizing differences, and acquiring the skills to develop healthy relationships. 

   * Module 7: Knowing Who You Are ->

Boys will learn: To recognize their strengths and weaknesses, to explore and understand their values, beliefs, and attitudes, to resist peer pressure and conformity, and to be confident in who they are.

* Module 8: Empathy, Caring, and Compassion ->
      EC2 At Home, On The Field, and At Work

Boys will learn: How EC2 works and competition can go together, to recognize harmful media messages that say EC2 and competition don't go together, why EC2 at home, on the field, and at work is psychologically healthy and actually helps a person succeed, and EC2 ways to treat others at home, on the field, and at work.