Girls Helping Girls

Peer Relations Training for Girls with a Special Focus on "Girl Bullying"


Here are some quotes from adminstrators and students regarding the effectiveness of the Girls Helping Girls programs in their schools:

"The Girls Helping Girls program has given our young women in grades 6 through 8 an opportunity to discuss peer problems in a non-threatening environment and to develop some effective coping skills for the middle school years. We are hoping to continue this program again next year. This quote from our eighth grade girls says so much: "It's a shame there's not a boys helping boys program. They need it too!"
                                                                                          Administrator from a Local Private School

"The Girls Helping Girls program has helped out students start talking not only about female relational aggression, but also about adolescent relationships and peer pressure.  Girls Helping Girls has created a "safe place" for girls to share their concerns, receive feedback and start to problem solve. Most importantly, our students leave their girls circles knowing that they are not alone in dealing with these issues"

                                              Madeline Dolce (Student Assistance Counselor at Mt Olive Elementary)

"I loved this course! I wish that we could have it more times a week and I think that it really helped the girls in my grade get along better"

                                                                                                  Katie (6th grade student)

"I think that what we learned in Girls Helping Girls will help us now and when we get into high school."

                                                                                                Megan (8th grade student)

"This is the second year we have provided this enriching program to our Upper School young women. "Girls Helping Girls" has given our fifth through eighth grade girls an opportunity to discuss relational aggression in a non-threatening environment and has helped them develop appropriate coping skills. A testament to the success of this program was whenour seventh graders requested even more sessions by saying, "We love it! We learn so much!"  We will definitely continue this valuable program in the years to come."
                                                                     Local Private School Administrator

"We have completed one grade of girl's circles and we have felt that the program has really changed the way some of the girls react to others.  Thr girls have stated that they are able to see what causes more problems and are trying to stop the negative behavior. A lot of the girls said that the circles were a great experience and that they understand so much more about what is happening.  They enjoyed acting out the skits and wanted to make up their own."

                                                                     Wendy Vandervliet (Vice Principal at Netcong School)