Girls Helping Girls

Peer Relations Training for Girls with a Special Focus on "Girl Bullying"

The Program Goals
The goal of the Girls Helping Girls program is to create a cultural shift in the girl population of the school where there is a shared understanding that bullying of any kind, including relational aggression will not be tolerated.

· This program is a year-long prevention and intervention program designed to address the issue of girl on girl bullying, specifically as concerned with relational aggression.

· This program is suitable for girls in 6th through 8th grades.

· It defines and labels 17 main behaviors that have been determined to be at the core of the problem in terms that are easily understood by young girls.

· By describing and naming these behaviors the girls will begin to understand that these behaviors are mean, hurtful, and considered bullying. They also will learn that there are alternatives to these behaviors.

· It also addresses the concept of cliques as an exclusionary social activity. It offers kinder and more inclusive strategies for girls who find themselves in cliques.

· By using peer relations training techniques, once a core group of girls have been trained, these girls will begin to spread “the word” by creating a safe environment for all girls to share. This can be done through the use of a Girls’ Corner or bulletin board.